Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Manual Coffee Machine Review

• Makes 40 types of coffee
• Hot drinks available
• 0.8litres water tank capacity
• 15- bar pressure
• Specification: H 31.2 X W24.5 X D17.8cm
• Voltage : 220 – 240
• Power : 1500w

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Manual Coffee Machine Review

One of the latest machines to join the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine family, the Krups Oblo is a cheaper and affordable model to use the coffee pod system. With an emphasis on its design and its space-conserving shape, the MANUAL NESCAFE DOLCE GUSTO OBLO COFFEE MACHINE is captivating.

Aside from lacking in bells and whistles, the machine makes up with ease of use and many drinks options. Aside from making cappuccino and espresso, which are many people’s favorite drinks, the Oblo gives you an option to make different drinks like iced coffee, chai tea latte, and hot chocolate as skinny and unsweetened drinks. There are over thirty drinks options to choose from.

• The Gusto oblo is easy to clean.
• It is compact and easy to store
• The coffee machine has a stylish design and lots of color choices.• It is affordable.
• Power saving feature: the oblo automatically switches off five minutes after use

• It has an adjustable drip tray with four levels. The machine has an adjustable and removable cup stand with an easily removed and cleaned drip tray.

• Simple lever allows users to set their temperature, length and strength

• Simple, one light, LED indicator

• Reasonable quick heat up time.

• Simple descaling process

• The water tank is awkward to fill. The water tank is located at a place which makes filling it a difficult task.
• The machine is confined to coffee pods.
• It has a limited water tank capacity.
• It is a manual machine, which means you spend more time making a coffee
• Some users consider the coffee to be too cold. This is a significant con to hot coffee lovers

• users need to master how long it takes to fill the perfect cup with the appropriate amount of water

• it is limited to its pods.

• It is time consuming. Usually, a coffee-pod machine is about pressing a single button and getting a no- fuss cup of coffee. This isn’t the case with this machine. Instead, it is up to you to pour the right amount of water through the coffee od using the lever on top

• It comes with a red cable. No matter the color of the machine you have, you are stuck with a red-colored wire.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Manual Coffee Machine


The Nescafe dolce gusto oblo manual coffee machine design is quite unusual. Unlike other pod machines that are tall and slim, the Oblo is short, broad and square; this means it can fit comfortably under low wall cabinets. It can also be swiveled when not in use to slot lengthwise into a convenient recess.

The oblo comes in four colors, which are, Cherry Red, Piano Black, white and orange. This means you can choose a color of your choice and blend it in with your kitchen.

The Oblo is a manual machine. There is a lever at the top which can be used to control how much water runs through each pod. There is a guide on each box of pods on the maximum milliliter for each drink; you will require a little practice to get it right.

This is a con for those who like their coffee the same every morning. On the plus side, weaker or stronger drinks are an easy option.

The power cord limits the machine as it is quite short, but it is a bright red, which makes it easy to distinguish from other power cords. This can be useful if several appliances use the same socket as the coffee machine. For a machine of its size, it weighs only 2.5kg so that it can be easily moved around the kitchen.


To make a drink, simply pull out the pod holder, put in your pod, and slot back the pod holder back before pushing the clip down. This pierces the pod while holding it in place while hot water is forced through at a maximum of 15 bar pump pressure.

Flick the lever on top either right or left (for cold or hot) and the oblo will dispense your drink. Once you are satisfied with the amount of water, return the lever to center and the pod can be unclipped in one fluid motion.

From switching on, the machine’s thermo block heats up in less than thirty seconds and recovers quickly between drinks.


• Rinse drip tray with water and clean it with a little washing-up liquid and brush
• Rinse and dry the capsule holder with water from both sides. You can also put it in a dishwasher.
• Rinse and clean the water tank. Afterward refill with fresh, drinking water and insert it into the machine. NOTE: the water tank is not dishwasher proof.
• Open locking handle and insert empty capsule holder. Close the locking handle and place an empty container underneath the coffee outlet.
• Switch the machine on. The power button starts blinking red while the machine is heating up for approximately 40 seconds. When the power machine light is steady green, the machine is ready.
• Push selection lever to the hot position. Device will start rinsing.
• After approximately 10 seconds, push the selection lever to the stop position. Empty and clean the container.
• Place drip grid on tray. Then insert drip tray at desired position of machine.
• Switch the machine off. Unplug power plug. Clean the machine with a soft, damp cloth. Dry it afterward with a soft dry cloth.


If you seek a unique and stylish coffee pod machine, then, the NESCAFE DLOCE GUSTO OBLO COFFEE MACHINE is the one for you. It offers controllability over strength, length, and coffee temperature, combined with a good range of drink types.

However, if ease of use is on top of your list, I will advise you to reconsider buying this machine. Getting used to figuring how much water you need to brew a perfect coffee cup might take a while to master. If you like experimenting, this machine might be for you

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