Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine By Krups Review

Do you have a small kitchen space? Do you like freshly brewed coffee? Do you love espresso? If you fit into this requirements, relax, I have something for you.  Introducing NESPRESSO ESSENZA MINI COFFEE MACHINE BY KRUPS REVIEW. ***drum rolls***

This is an automatic pod- based espresso maker. This machine is ideal for busy coffee addicts or not- morning people who prefer to get their espresso dosage handy and conveniently.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine By Krups Review

Nespresso essenza mini is the smallest Nespress model, which comes in two versions; NESPRESSO ESSENXA MINI ORIGINAL ESPRESSO MACHINE by Breville and  NESPRESSO ESSENZA MINI NESPRESSO MACHINE by De’ Longhi.


What makes this product unique and why will it be suitable for me? You ask.  These are the descriptions of the machine

  • Brewing:

Many pod-based machines deliver at fifteen bars of pressure, for a decent extraction but essenza mini delivers at nineteen bars.

This is a very rich extraction of whichever pod you happen to use. You get a richer cup of coffee compared to what other products has to offer. This is sure to make your day.

  • Speed:

Most machines brew in a minute or under a minute, here comes the best part, with essenza mini, you don’t have to wait a minute, and your coffee is ready under thirty seconds. Yeah, you saw that, your freshly brewed coffee is ready in less than thirty seconds. Who wouldn’t love that?

  • Water reservoir:

 The water tank on the essenza mini is located at the rear of the mini and is pretty much accessible when well situated. The tank may seem small at first, but like the name implies it’s a mini machine used in brewing small mugs of coffee.

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  • Design:

No one wants anything very common, well I don’t, however, this machine has an enticingly, simple but unique design. It stands out from other machines in its class and adds a bold design element to the kitchen.

  • Settings:

The mini was designed to be simple but unique, hence there’s a form of flexibility in the settings. There are two different settings which provide ease depending on the type of drink you want.

First, you can brew a standard 1.35oz espresso shot.

This will likely be your usual go to drink and it provides an intense coffee. This has me salivating.

Occasionally, you may want a longer brew, don’t panic, the essenza mini got you covered.  Also the essenza includes what’s called a lungo setting. This brews a 5oz shot instead.

In each case, it’s very easier to select the drink you want, with two buttons designed for this purpose.

Alternatively, if the default volume settings aren’t functioning, changing the sizes remains possible.

You just have to follow the following steps

  • Open the lever, insert your capsule and close the lever.
  • Place your cup under the dispenser.
  • Press the espresso or lungo botton.
  • Keep it held down.
  • Stop pressing the button when you reach the desired volume.

You can see it’s a pretty simple process.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine By Krups Review

  • Auto power down

The espresso mini saves power consumption with its automatic power off feature. You don’t have to worry about increasing power bills or burning down your house or apartment.

Not only that, you don’t have to worry about constantly switching the machine on when making multiple drinks.

If you want to make multiple drinks, the machine stays warmed up and rearing to use. Once you’re through though, the essenza mini automatically powers down after nine minutes.

This means, if you always leave hot appliances unattended, you can cross your coffee machine out of your worries. Did I just hear a Namaste?

  • Extras in the box

Do you love some freebies? I have some good news, when you buy a NESPRESSO ESSENZA MINI you get a gift.

Asides from getting comprehensive instructions on the use of the machine, you also receive a bundle of OriginaLine capsules. Hurray!! If you love experimenting. This provides you the opportunity of trying out different flavors of coffee.

This essenza mini package comes with fourteen sample pods. FORTEEN free samples pods. I love free things and this is very welcome.

  • Cleaning made easy

The more you care for your machine, the more durable they are and the better tasting expresso you get.

If you don’t enjoy cleaning, don’t worry, the mini is very easy to clean. All you have to do is

  • Empty the drip tray and check the capsule container. You can also rinse out the water container

That’s all.

For a more intensive cleaning (descaling), it’s also simple but requires you to be on hand;

  • Add a combination of descaling liquid and water to the reservoir and put a suitable large container under the dispenser. Then hold down both serving buttons for five seconds.
  • Next, return the water or descaling liquid to the tank and repeat the process.
  • Finally, run water through the machine one more time to get rid of any solution.


  • The essenza mini has an award winning design and aesthetics
  • There is a variety of colors to choose from.
  • The essenza mini machine is portable and light weight.
  • It brews its first cup under thirty seconds
  • It takes up little space. The dimensions of the machine are 3.3(w) x 12.9(h) x 8.0(d) inches.
  • It makes a 1.350z espresso shot and a 5.0z lungo drink
  • A very fast heating time
  • It is very durable
  • A starter kit of Nespresso pods comes with the machine.
  • It saves energy


  • Only Nespresso pods can be used with the machine. This increases the cost of owning the machine because pods can be quite hard to come by locally.
  • Real coffee addicts may find the flavor wanting in some aspect.
  • The machine drips a little after the brewing cycle is complete. This is a little messy and can be quite annoying on occasions.
  • It is loud. It can be very loud for its size and this can be quite annoying also but most small coffee machines are also noisy.
  • It has a small capacity
  • It needs frequent emptying.
  • It has a 5-inch cup clearance but can’t fit taller mugs.
  • It makes only espresso and nothing else


Any and everyone can have the Nespresso essenza mini. A coffee addict or a newbie ca try it out. It is small, simple and easy to use. It is also affordable and makes coffee in seconds.

However, if you love ground coffee or a very large cup of coffee, this Nespresso and any Nespresso isn’t for you. There are alternatives you can check out.

Let us know your thoughts on this Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine by krups Review in the comment section below.




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